VBS is over!

It is Friday, and it is my day off, and I am in my office….enough said. VBS week has come to an end. We had the closing program last night, we sang some songs, raised a lot of money, and I ended up swallowing a live goldfish in front of everyone. The week was good, I was a bit disappointed by the turn out for the week considering I did every marketing technique that was feasible to do (including putting it on K-Love and I hate K-Love!). That just means some things need to be evaluated for next year thats all. Side note I just banged my knee into my desk and it hurt a lot!
I start another week of camp this Sunday coming. It is Cameron Baily’s week, I really enjoyed his week last year and I am looking forward to this years. After I get back from camp I have a Teen VBS (which is really just a different teen activity every night at different places), then I have a pretty slack week after that and then its off to Grundy Mountain Mission for a mission trip with the youth group and then they are back in school. I can not believe how fast the summer has gone by I feel like I have not been able to catch my breath at all. I plan on doing some substitute teaching during this school year so I am looking forward to that. So something is happening to me. When I first started youth ministry I really really enjoyed teaching middle and high school kids and really did not like teaching the younger crowd. I was never really any good at it. Now I am finding that I really enjoy teaching the younger kids and now its not that I mind teaching the older kids I just find it a bit more difficult. Ok have to clean my office now, anyone want to do that for me?


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