Vacation, Olympics, and The Great Wall of Youth Ministry (only one of these took place in China).

I decided to come home for a couple of days this week to good old Winchester Va. I am leaving for a mission trip this Sunday to Grundy Mountain Mission School with kids from my youth group and some adults from my Church and the end of that trip will mark the end of one of the busiest summers of my life (I may have had busier when I was a baby but I do not remember them). I believe I have run into something in my ministry that I am sure many youth ministers experience, I have deemed it the Great Wall of Youth Ministry. It is the point in your ministry when you feel like you are beating you head against a wall. You stand back after two years and look around and ask your self, “Is this all that has gotten done?” The kids are not listening, they don’t seem to be learning anything, some people are not happy with things etc etc. This wall is depressing because there seems no way over it, under it, or around it. So instead of trying to do any of these things you just kinda sit down looking at it rubbing your head. I am not sure what the answer is to getting through the wall yet thats as far as I have gotten. I have a pretty good feeling that is has something to do with someone helping me over while I wait for the next poor dude to run into it and I help him.
Anyone watching the Olympics? Does anyone else getting aggravated when the American do not win and all the commentators talk about is how they did not win and how they should have and how it is not likely that anyone from a another country should be able to beat us. I just sit there and think “hmmmm well it looks like they just beat us, can not really argue with that can you?” Ok I am going to go finish my vacation bye.


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5 Responses to Vacation, Olympics, and The Great Wall of Youth Ministry (only one of these took place in China).

  1. i’m right there with you man, that wall is a beast but we’ll get over it…just keep reminding yourself that the things you’re doing are for a reason, that’ll give you perseverence to get over that wall…see you at the SMOV meeting next month

  2. ugh… i hate the wall…

  3. jordiehope says:

    i despise how everyone and their brother talks about michael phelps ( i suppose because i didn’t watch any of the olympics)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I fought the wall and the wall won.

  5. tylerbfresh says:

    I guess that I am ahead of the YM curve cause I feel like the way is already here after only 2 1/2 months lol!

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