Mission Trip, Tina Fey, and The Kingdom Within

So I went on a mission trip with my youth group to Grundy Mountain Mission School. The plus side was we had a really good three days of getting some work done for them, my kids seemed to enjoy it, and we met some really nice people. The down side is we had to sleep in our cars the first night there, and we worked in the rain all day Tuesday and I made a girl in my youth group cry because she slammed a chair down on my little toe. I didn’t say anything to her except ouch really loudly (I wanted to say other words but by the grace of God they did not come) but she just started crying and would not stop for like ten minutes. And I am thinking to myself, “Why is she crying? I should be the one crying! She hurt my toe! Now I have a crying girl and a hurt toe! Oh well it worked out.
What does everyone else think about Tina Fey being our possible next VP? And I am not sure but does this lady have any experience to be VP except being pretty and liking to carry a gun? Who knows? All I know is Voting is a confusing thing, what happened to the good old days when there was one dude and if he led us to victory against the British we made him president? Maybe that is what we need a good old fashion revolutionary British war!
I preach tomorrow, I am slightly nervous. I am preaching on Luke 17:20-21 on the idea of the Kingdom that is among us. I will put the sermon on here after tomorrow if any of you guys want to laugh at it, ridicule it, throw darts at it, or possibly even steal it and tweak it to fit your setting that you are working in. I would like to see more of us start bouncing ministry ideas, lessons and even sermons off each other because I do not know about you guys, but a lot of the time I am just not that creative.

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4 Responses to Mission Trip, Tina Fey, and The Kingdom Within

  1. SillyRachie says:

    I think all you guy’s just have a thing for Tina Fey! 

  2. floprocker says:

    i think tina fey is hot, but i’m talking about the real tina fey. who knows how this election will turn out.

  3. Tina Fey is an attractive lady.

  4. blah blah blah “Tina Fey”  What happened to to the good ole’ days when all the women in politics looked like Elenore Roosevelt???

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