In Sunday school class this morning we talked about the Holy Spirit and the passage in John 7:37-39 where Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will flow out of us like living water. We talked a little bit about what it means to thirst spiritually, and how you can tell if your “spiritually dehydrated.” This was really not where the lesson was supposed to go but some times thats just the way it happens. Anyway as we were discussing this I realized something. I am spiritually dehydrated. While I was at school this was really not a problem because it was almost like the water was hooked to an IV and put inside of me because of the environment I was in, which was great. But know the IV is gone and I actually have to pour myself the glass and drink out of it. Which means making a conscience effort about how I spend my time, setting aside time to maintain my disciplines, what I put into my body (spiritually speaking) etc etc. As I look back on the past couple of months or so its interesting to see the signs of spiritual dehydration that is hard to notice unless one takes a good hard honest look at themselves. A real good indicator is how you treat the people around you. Its also interesting to note that when a minister is spiritually dehydrated the entire ministry suffers. Every facet of it is affected at least a little bit. So the point is, dont get dehydrated, now the tricky part is I am not really sure how to stop that from happening but there are much smarter people than I who read this thing so perhaps they have some suggestions? I learned something today in Sunday School class, who would have thought?


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  1. floprocker says:

    i often feel that way too. i will say, the solution i have found is to be more emotional with my faith. i think the longer you’re out of bible college, the more hydrated you’ll get. i think bible colleges across the country dehydrate us because its easy to focus on total head knowledge without heart. its a trap we can also fall into in ministry.raise your hands when singing sometime. it will make you cry.

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