The Movie of your Life

If your life was made into a movie who would best portray you on the big screen? Not so much who you want to play you but who do you think would do the best job? Also pick three key people from your life and cast them as supporting roles. Who would play them?

P.S. Here is Mine. Sorry I tried to put pictures on here but could not figure out how so just copy and paste the links if yout that interested.

Me= Adam Brody

Aimee= Maggie Gyllenhaal

Ian McCarty= Ryan Gosling

Sis= Andrea Parker from the Pretender (thought you might like that sis)


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5 Responses to The Movie of your Life

  1. tylerbfresh says:

    me: Seth Rogan.  Because he is chubby and funny and So am ITorie: Anne Hathaway Because they are both dark haired and whittySadie (my dog): Lassy, or the dog from wishbone casue he is cool!

  2. rachel51385 says:

    thats amazing. was this some kind of quiz?

  3. rachel51385 says:

    she was kind of a B though…..what are you implying??

  4. jordiehope says:

    hmm…. i wanted to answer haha… but i can’t think of anyone to play me and my friends….haha

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