I have always heard preachers talking about all these sacrifices that they have to make in order to be in the ministry. I did not doubt that they made them, but I did always wonder what they actually were and if they as big of a deal as they made them out to be. I always knew I was not going to make bunches of money being in the ministry and I would not have the nicest car etc etc. But to me that was not that big of a sacrifice because I never have had those things. Well today I realized one of those sacrifices and I have to say it does stink. I am not writing this to toot my own horn I am writing it in the occassion that someone who is reading it is going into ministry. I want them to have a concrete example to think about before they head in. My cousin got married this week in WV (ha ha no she did not marry her cousin so shut it!) anyway she got married and my whole family was there except for me. Why was I not there? Beacause I had to be at Church Sunday to take care of the obvious responsiblities that need to be taken care of. Now I hear you saying, “Jonathan why didnt you just get someone to cover for you this weekend?” Beacuse there was no one who could do it. So I was flipping through pictures of the wedding that my sis pulled up and I saw one of my entire family in one picture (I have a pretty big family) and I realized something, I was the only one not in the picture. Now to some that might not seem like a big deal but I live decently far from my family and you have to realize I spent 18 years of my life growing up with almost my entire side of my moms family no more that twenty minutes away. Family is important to me and it is important to the whole clan of us. For me to see that picture honestly kind of broke my heart. It just made me realize that ministry is a sacrifice, it gave me a concrete example. If I was working a nine to five I could have just taken the weekend and drove up there and been back with no problem. Now I realize that people who work nine to fives work hard and in some cases have it much harder than ministers at times becasue we have a more flexible schedule when it comes to our weeks. I respect that very much, but hear me, if you are thinking about going into ministry think hard about it because you will have to make sacrifices and some of those sacrifices may be family related. That is not saying that if your a minister you get to skip out on every family event that takes place, but it does mean that you are going to have to say no to some things. I say all of that to simply say if you are going into ministry go in for the long hall, make sure your ready because when it comes to the sacrifices if your not dedicated it will cause you to second guess what you are doing.

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8 Responses to Sacrifices.

  1. jordiehope says:

    good advice 🙂 …

  2. SillyRachie says:

    I understand totally. I have had a hard time being away from my family. And I NEVER was a homebody before I graduated, and neither was Daniel. I have missed out on a lot of stuff and I have been heartbroken over it too at times. My main thing I am missing out on is my best friends baby growing up and my nieces growing up and graduating high school. It’s sad. 

  3. rachel51385 says:

    kelsea wasnt there either so you werent the only lame one.jkyou were missed everyone was asking about you, but i told them  you were about your priestly duties they understood  : )oh and mr crouse was there! yeah he bascially told me i’ve gotten fat since high school haha what else is new?

  4. yeah, I almost missed my sister’s baptism, but my family was cool about it, they actually visited Cherry Ave. that Sunday and my sister was baptized there so I could see it…very cool experience, but that was almost a huge sacrifice I had to make 

  5. yes…you ain’t lyin. For me, a bunch of my closest family are in ministry so we just accept the fact that we can’t do stuff like that.  But it would be nice to just skip church every now and then to go visit people…haha….even to visit other churches. I do want to encourage young ministers (that includes me… in my 8th year nowl) to seek a good work ethic.  Especially youth ministers.  I think a lot of us try to justify being lazy from 9-5 on mon-friday just beacause our evenings and weekends are busy.  good post.  i Feel ya.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When I get to feeling bad about the things I left behind to come down here…I remind myself that I could be someplace REALLY far away…like Africa.

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