What is a super poke anyway?

This is going to be a bit random I think, because its the mood that I am in. It has been awhile since I have posted and part of that comes from the need to be more productive in this place called my office. But i have a few minutes this afternoon so lets begin. I have been reading Rob Bell’s new book, “Jesus Wants to Save Christians” and I am thinking that Rob Bell may be losing me. I think a lot of his stuff is good but I have a really hard time seeing where this thing is going to land. So far what I have gotten is that America is an empire just like Egypt of old and because of that we are evil. But stay tuned I am not done with it yet so we will see where it goes. Another book I have been reading is “When Church Kids go Bad” by Les Christie. This is an awesome book, if you are having problems keeping focus during teaching time at youth group this book has some really practical ways to keep your kids focused and it also touches on how to deal with problem kids in your group in all situations. Pick it up, its cheap, an easy read, and I dare say it may take your ministry to the next level (You know the one where you eat the fire plant and can suddenly spit fire balls at the goombas.) I have come to the conclusion that in the near future I need to be preaching more. Not right now but soon. I think I’m pretty good at it, and I feel its what God wants me to do. (ALERT I AM MAKING A DECISION WITH FEELING INVOLVED!) But really I want to preach and that desire is becoming more and more urgent. I love youth ministry, I love the interaction with the kids, but I need to be preaching more. I am noticing also that I am becoming pretty exasperated with how we “do church” but I am becoming even more exasperated with people always picking at how we “do church” What does that even mean “do church?” We dont “do Church” we are Church, it is what we make of it. I am tired of hip church, old church, trendy church, boring church, simple church, fancy church. I am tired of people complaining about the music, I’m tired of people wanting to be entertained. What ever happened to really wanting to know what God has to say? I’m just kind of sick of always reading how to make the Church better, or how to improve it, revamp it, streamline it, focus it etc. I just want to learn about God, and what he wants me to do in this crazy mixed up world that I got dumped into. And I want to study the word of God with people who have the same desire. I dont know how to accomplish this I’m just picking on church I guess (Yes I understand the irony of that statement). Bottom line? I miss Church. I’ve been reading Acts. And I miss Church.

What the heck is a super poke anyway?!


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3 Responses to What is a super poke anyway?

  1. I am reading the rob bell book also and I have 1 chapter left and still can’t get a grasp on what he is talking about.

  2. its hard to have authentic church in an ancient egyptian-type empire…ill have to start reading this book and maybe we can make sense of it together.

  3. jordiehope says:

    i feel yah! not a youth minister or anything… but as involved as i am in everything that goes on at chcc… i miss c hurch…. alot

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