Toward the Finish.

So I am almost done with this new Rob Bell book that I was talking about in my last post. Although I am still a bit leery about where he is going with this, right at the end of the second to last chapter called, “Swollen-bellied Black Babies, Soccer Moms on Prozac, and the Mark of the Beast,” he has a very interesting section on the state of Youth Ministry in America and I quote…

“How do children of the empire (America) understand the Savior who was killed by an Empire (Rome).”

“How does a twelve year old who has never had hunger pangs that lasted more than an hour understand a story about a twelve year old providing fish and bread for thousands of chronically hungry people?”

How do kids who are surrounded by more abundance than in any other generation in the history of humanity take seriously a Messiah who said, “I have been anointed to preach good news to the poor?”

“How do they fathom that half the world is too poor to feed its kids when their church just spent two years raising money to build an addition to their building?”

They gather they sing they hear a talk from the pastor and then they get back in the car with their parents and they go home; the garage door opens up, the car goes in, and the garage door goes down.

This is the revolution?

This is what Jesus had in mind?

“And so the youth pastor turns to you and says, “I just cant get my students engaged with Jesus. Do you have any suggestions?”

What do you say?

How do you respond?”

-Jesus Wants to Save Christians P. 137-138

I don’t know if I like the book, but I do know that this is the question I have been asking after about the first year in youth ministry. Thoughts?


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5 Responses to Toward the Finish.

  1. jordiehope says:

    that is a long chapter name… i think it’d be a good read, even though i’m not a youth minister

  2. He has some good points, but I get tired of the “Americans should feel guilty for being in America.”

  3. @stuartandabby – yeah me too but he actually says, “guilt is not healthy” but I still get the feeling of guilt when i read it lol! The problem is so far he has not really made a point with this book its just a lot of neat ideas.

  4. you should check out the interview with Rob on the Relevant magazine podcast.  It’s a 2 part interview from several weeks ago so it’s actually 2 different podcasts.  I like the podcast so I listen to the whole thing but I think the interview portion is at the end.I think he sheds a little light on what he’s trying to say there.

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