We need to kick day light savings time in the face thats all.


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3 Responses to FACT

  1. You know what I hate?Those Lysol commercials that say, “Fact: …”.  The thing is, they never list facts, just opinions.Idc about DST one way or the other.  I mean, there are aspects I do and don’t like, but they more or less even out for me.

  2. SillyRachie says:

    I love the extra hour of sleep………i look forward to it….seriously. Waking up each Sunday for the early service is hard….. I also despise “spring forward” for the same reason..the loss of sleep is hard! 

  3. jordiehope says:

    i like the extra hour of sleep… but i was freaking out thinking i was late for church on sunday/// and i wasnt

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