I teach High School Sunday School class at my church on Sunday mornings. Now I do not know what it is like for the rest of you that teach HSSSC on Sunday mornings at your church, but for me it is a less than pleasant task. The kids are tired, don’t care about listening and in my case, make that very vocal while the whole process is going on. So this morning I am teaching about the idea of making Jesus the foundation of your life, and looking at the kind of blocks you are building your “house” with (check out Life to Life Discipleship by Kevin Greer). I am wrapping up the lesson and I am trying to stress to the kids that building their life on anything else other than Jesus is not going to work because anything else is either going to leave them, hurt them, or disappoint them in some way or another. I finish up that idea with the statement, “I realize that some of you do not believe me and right now you are building your house on something else but I guarantee you that some time down the road your house is just going to fall apart, maybe not today, tomorrow or the next day, but one day you will wake up and realize that your life is seriously not working and it needs a better foundation.” It is at this point in the lesson that out of a blue a certain male in my group just yells out, “Jonathan I think your an idiot! I’ll just be straight up with you like I am with everyone I really just think your an idiot!” Now I like to think or myself as a pretty laid back guy for the most part. When people say stuff about me it kind of just rolls off my back because I just really don’t care. But the way this kid said it just hurt really badly. He said it to be mean and there was just no other reason for it besides that. It was at this point that the whole room was very quiet because they realized that a line had been crossed. There was no joking in the this kids voice, for what ever reason what I had just said really made him mad and they were waiting to see how I was going to respond to this. By the grace of God I simply looked at him and said, “well I have been called much worse thats for sure, laughed and wrapped up the lesson with prayer.” Now I bring this little episode up for two reasons.

1) Today I learned rather harshly just how powerful words really are, both the words that I said that caused the response from this kid and the words that he used against me. This kid really just wanted to hurt me today and he kind of succeeded. Here is a kid that I pray for, worry about, try to take time out to spend time with and just all around want to see live for Jesus and in one sentence he made me doubt if I have been doing any good here at all.

2) Today I got a glimpse of how we treat God a lot of the time. He is patient with us, he cares for us, he tries to give us a way to have the best life possible and we simply look at him and more or less say, “God I think your an idiot, I’ll just be straight up with you, your an idiot!” We do this when we decide that we are going to build our lives on something other than his son, we do this when we keep running back to that one thing that he keeps telling us is no good for us at all.

So today I learned something in Sunday School Class, imagine that?


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  1. I’m sorry, man.  It’s easier to let insults roll off your back when they’re coming from someone you haven’t made yourself vulnerable to.  If it makes you feel any better, I would have a hard time respecting someone’s opinion that much if he was such a jerk.I’ve heard of parents who hear the same stuff from their kids.  It’s easy to say insensitive things that aren’t true.  Little bit of flame.Sorry.  I haven’t seen your kids or anything, but judging from what I know of you, I highly doubt your actions are worthless to the kids in your group.

  2. wow i’m sorry.  you’re not an idiot!  (i’m sure you know that, but hearing that you’re not never hurts.)  it definitely makes me think about how i speak to people.  good luck, buddy.  i’ll be praying for ya.

  3. look, i know how it goes man.  i have kids just like yours who are only there because their parents make them go and if they had it their way, they would be home sleeping or playing xbox or whatever.  i actually did the same thing as you today in telling the kids that i know some of them don’t care what i’m talking about.  i told them since their parents make them come they might as well try to get something out of it.however unlike you, i have never had a kid blatantly say something personal against me like that in a group setting. i probably would have told him to stay afterward and explain that such a display of disrespect is not appropriate and that if he has issues with me he needs to talk to me first.  since being strait up with people is how he rolls, i’d ask him if he would want me to call him out on something or embarrass him in front of a group like that, and then explain that i wouldn’t do that cause even though i think he is an idiot sometimes too (and yeah, i would probably say that i think he can be an idiot too, sometimes i’m too blunt) i respect him too much to embarrass him like that in front of a group.but honesty, it woulda taken all my strength not to strangle him, haha.  in all sincerity though, keep praying for him.  be consistent with him, even if its decades in the future, if you continue to show him the love of Christ, it will be something he remembers.days like that are why youth minsiters have to get together and eat wings from time to time, to remember that not everyone is against us!

  4. I am proud of you for keeping your cool!  I know today was a rough day and one thing after another piled up against your door.  I also know that it takes a lot of courage to face days like today and attitudes that come with them.  Keep strong and remember he is blowing off steam more towards himself than to you.  You hit a nerve somewhere in there and he turned his back on that nerve and attacked instead.  Thank you for trying your hardest to be a good example!  Rude words may have been used against you, but you were an example to all today! MUAH!!

  5. dude…I had a student like that once.  He was obstinate, disrespectful…inconsiderate of all the work I put into the ministry….but I loved him…called him…tried to meet him on His terms for his whole High School carriers.  I mean, we had our ups and downs.  I even told him at one point (after he was already in college) that I was finished giving him advice because he didn’t seem to listen to a word I said.  But I kept praying for Him and loving him however I could.  There were times when I just wanted to wring his neck. I love that kid. At the heart he’s an amazing indiidual. but it had just taken time to get him to realize his potential in Christ.  …Now He’s very much an adult in His own right and Neil Anglen is (Lord willing and He does all his homework) going to graduate from RBC this year. He;s come a long way in his faith and I’m extremely proud of him.  Stick in there.  Youth ministry is a butt kickin endevour. Don’t give up on the kid.  Find his language…speak it…and use it to tell Him about Jesus.Good luck bro.

  6. ps…you’re not an idiot. haha.

  7. mompip says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am proud of the way you handled it! Continue to pray for him and worked with him, no matter what. It will be worth it all in the end. There are seeds being planted that you may never see the growth, but somewhere down the road it will happen. God is in control! I am praying for you AND your youth! Keep the faith!

  8. Enchantermon says:

    Ouch. Sorry to hear that, man.It may be that he got so mad because you said the one thing that he’s needed to hear the most. Despite his initial reaction, maybe it’ll sink it.I’m proud of the way you handled yourself, though. Good job. It’ll be hard, but don’t give up on him. ~J-Duff

  9. jordiehope says:

    completely off subject, but i just read Aimee’s blog….CONGRATULATIONS!

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