The abuse of Grace.

” But the King replied to Araunah, “No I insist on paying for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God offerings that cost me nothing.”

I was reading through 2nd Samuel the other day and I came across this story right at the end of the book, ( read chapter 24 and then you will get the whole context) and this verse really stuck out to me. Now this may sound like common sense to a lot of you but for some reason it hit me when I read this that if you are giving stuff to God that is not costing you anything, then its not a sacrifice. I have a feeling for most of us giving money on Sunday morning is not “costing” us that much. So the question hit me, when was the last time I sacrificed something to God that really cost me something? Do I even know what it means to sacrifice to God? For me personally its hard to grasp this concept and I think it has a lot to do with the culture I am in. I am not one to be all “blah blah blah American christians suck because we drink lattes and drive hummers and shoot deer, and have never been fed to lions in the Acropolis” but I am someone that believes that we are missing something as Christians when we are not required to sacrifice. I mean if you think about it, at the heart of Christianity is a man who sacrificed. He sacrificed luxury, power, and even his life for us. Christianity is built on sacrifice. For awhile now I have realized that there is something seriously lacking in my youth program here at Church. We do a lot of activities, we go to the conferences, we have Bible studies, but despite all of that a lot of the kids are just not getting it, and after I thought about this concept of sacrifice it hit me. These kids are not into it, because its not costing them anything. They have been raised in an atmosphere (which I am sad to admit I have probably helped to facilitate) that spoon feeds them everything and requires nothing in return. They have never ever had to sacrifice anything to the Lord, their time, their money, their desires, nothing. Yes its true that grace is a free gift but if grace does not cause you to eventually have to sacrifice some things in your life then its probably more likely to be taken advantage of. I am myself a grace abuser that finds myself among a group of grace abusers and unless that changes we are never really going understand this whole Christianity thing.

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4 Responses to The abuse of Grace.

  1. Well, I doubt David really felt it hit his wallet when he purchased the threshing floor (or whatever it was; I am going off of memory here).That being said, I generally agree with what you’re saying.  Not much is done in the way of sacrifice.  Yet, to love people like God wants us to, sacrifice, on some level, is pretty much a requirement.Money isn’t the only sacrifice to be made either.

  2. Yeah your right I doubt he cleaned out his bank account to buy it, but just the fact that he bought something he could have gotten for free shows me that sacrifice is more about the attitude than it is the amount.  

  3. samloveall says:

    Hey, Jonathan.  Any chance you’d be interested in looking into the youth ministry at Cary Christian Church, in the Raleigh area?

  4. @samloveall – I don’t know dude I’m pretty happy here, but hey send me an e-mail with the details. 

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