Lace up those boot straps.

Is anyone else tired of being drafted into “the war on Christmas” Now more power to you if you feel the need to boycott and write angry letters to corporations that want to say holiday instead of Christmas, but a few thoughts.

1) How come we are ok with shopping at Wal-Mart the other 364 days a year even though they donate mass amounts of money to the gay rights movement?

2) Why dont we spend more time feeding the hungry this year and less time writing angry letters (I would venture to say the hungry would call it what ever you want as long as your willing to feed them)

3) Are we really going to lose our faith because Home Depot decides to call them Holiday Trees instead of Christmas trees, and are other people really going to come to know Jesus just because Lowe’s decided to “convert back.”

4) Most of us would do good to actually research the origins of Christmas and the “Christmas Tree” It might put things in perspective.

I am not anti Christmas, nor am I anti Christmas tree, I am anti Christians wasting time screaming at “pagans” who decide they do not want to be Christian (what a novel concept non-Christians not wanting to be Christian). But if you must “fight the Christmas war” by all means do so, just please do not get mad at me when I don’t lace up the old boot straps and charge the line with you. Don’t worry though I will make sure I come behind you and try to bandage the wounded.

Merry Christmas!

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3 Responses to Lace up those boot straps.

  1. Word.And the “Christ out of Christmas” is misguided too.Yay for zeal.  Boo for channeling that energy in the wrong direction.

  2. @stuartandabby – I will never forget the time my Sunday School teacher (aprox. 5th grade) embarrassed me in front of the entire class for writing Merry Xmas on my card to be hung in the hallway.  “How dare you remove Christ from the Holiday we are celebrating!” All the other students laughed and laughed.  However, the next Sunday I was researched and I wrote her a paper explaining my actions that I was actually using the X–Chi which is completely relevant and even scriptural (hahaha Greek…scriptual…get it).  Anyways, it just burns me up as well!

  3. OldmanRBC says:

    You godless pagan communist. I bet you’ve got one of them Holiday Trees right off of Brokeback Mountain don’t ya?

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