June Church Newsletter Article

So did you happen to see the new Star Trek movie that hit theatres a couple weeks ago? If not, I strongly suggest that you do! Now make no mistake I am no trekky by any stretch of the imagination in fact I am embarrassed to admit that this may very well be the only Star Trek movie that I have seen all the way through. Never the less though a good movie is a good movie and J.J. Abrams delivers the goods. No, this is not a movie review column that accidently made its way into this newsletter its just that I was struck by what made this movie so good. In my opinion what made this such in enthralling film, besides the really good special effects, was the interaction between the two main characters, young James Tiberius Kirk and young Spock. Sure we know that later down the road these two are immortalized in the stuff of legend as best friends, but in this movie quite the opposite is true. Kirk is harsh, sarcastic and a risk taker, while Spock is cool, collective, and logical. This causes a lot of problems right out of the gate. Regardless of that though they are both faced with a common threat and purpose and despite their radically different personalities they must learn to get along. I believe this resonates so well with me because it really is a mirror picture of the Church, more specifically the interaction between people in the Church. I am dumfounded by the words of Luke in Acts 2:44, “All the believers where together and had everything in common.” That is an amazing statement, because let’s face it, we have all been apart of a group and even in small groups it’s very hard to have everything in common. What was it that drove this early Church to such unity? I think it was that they were able to keep their common purpose and common enemy in perspective. The Church is united, not because we have the same personalities or ways of thinking. We are united because we love God and we hate sin. So maybe we can learn something from Hollywood after all, or at least from Kirk and Spock. The next time we feel that urge to back bite, gossip, or just plain ridicule within the body of Christ lets not forget what our ultimate goal and common enemy is. Only then can we fulfill our mission.

God Bless,


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