Total Net Worth

I have been having some issues with the bank that I do business with over the past couple of months.  I ordered a debit card more then three months ago and for some reason they have not been able to have it delivered.  Needless to say this has been a pretty big source of aggravation, not the least of that aggravation coming from the fact that I have had to visit the bank three times to try to sort the whole issue out.  Today I took one of those visits in an attempt to locate the missing card.  The end result was not good.  To make a long story short I walked out of the bank with out a card, again.

While I was working with the teller to try to figure out the whereabouts of the elusive card I found out something about myself that I was not aware of until that moment.  As I was looking over the shoulder of the employee who was looking up my account profile I noticed a disturbing fact.  According to the banking system of America I have a net worth of negative $800. At the risk of sounding emo, I have to say, that is quite depressing to me.  If we really take that whole concept back to it’s logical conclusion it means that according to this bank I am quite literally worth more dead than alive at this point in my life.  Now, don’t worry this is not some desperate plea for attention.  I am not contemplating taking my life nor do I actually believe that my entire worth as a person can be summed up on the computer screen of a grossly incompetent bank ( I’m still a little bitter about the card).

The vist to the bank today was really a stark reminder to myself of how the world views the worth of a person.  On the way home in my car I began to think about how I view and evaluate the worth of a person.  I won’t go into all the dark gory details that went through my head, but needless to say I have some work to do.  I have to be honest, I believe if a lot of people were able to look over my shoulder and see the the profile I have of them…let’s just say they would probably be walking away from me feeling just about the same way as I do about a certain bank.

How about you?  How do you honestly evaluate the worth of the people you come in contact with on daily basis?


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