The inherent value of a goose.


Every once in awhile I will read a book or watch an interview with someone on CNN or Discovery channel  who asserts for a fact that life has no inherent meaning.  They will say that we are on the same level as every other organism in this world and that our life has no intrinsic meaning because of that.

These people sound really smart to me sometimes.  I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for people who have a lot of letters behind their name.  I will sit and listen to them or read their words and think to myself, “yeah that makes sense, maybe they know what they are talking about.”

I am a man that is ruled by intellect.  That does not mean that I am smart, it simply means that I like things to make sense or at least sound like they make sense.  I have always been drawn to the realm of analytical thought.  Let’s face it, there are some things in scripture that at face value do not make sense.  I have on numerous occasions spoken openly about my internal struggle between science, philosophy, and faith.  I sometimes find myself asking God to help me wade through the these murky waters.  He has always been faithful, always providing me with a gentle reminder of his power, goodness and faithfulness in the face of sometimes blatant disbelief.  I can sympathize with Pilate who stated in John 18:38, “What is truth?”

One such reminder happened a few weeks ago as I was driving to work.  I witnessed a pretty significant back up on the road that I take every morning.  I thought maybe there was an accident, but as I strained my neck to see I realized that traffic was being stopped both ways by a mama goose and some goslings crossing the road.  I thought that was interesting.  Here we were a bunch of stressed out people heading to work, breaking the speed limit, and worried about being late willing to stop and let a couple of birds mess up our day.  It was at that moment I thought, “What if I just ran over these birds? Everyone who saw it  would think  I was a horrible person.” Why?  Because life has inherent value.  Even if it is just a bird.  Thanks for the reminder God.

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