“I look gooood…right?”

Today, by the grace of God, I woke up just like I do every other morning.  I slowly pulled myself from my bed and hobbled into the bathroom and began my morning routine.  It’s important to note that this morning I probably looked in the mirror a total of ten times before the incident I am about to describe.  I had finished showering, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, and giving my hair some attention.  It is also important to note that I was thinking that I was looking exceptionally good this morning.  In fact there was one point that I looked in the mirror and I was kind of surprised at how healthy and alive I looked for it being so early in the morning.  I’ll just be honest, I thought I looked pretty dang good.  If there had been a crowd around I probably would have shouted for everyone to come see how good I look (yes that was an anchorman reference don’t judge me.)

My routine was done I gave myself one last look in the mirror and I turned to walk out of the bathroom.  It was at this point that my lovely wife came in to give me a kiss goodbye before she left for work.  It was a magical moment, I leaned in 90% she got ready to meet me me the other %10 (thanks Hitch).  Then it happened.  A look of disgust came across my wife’s face as she lovenly stated, “You should get that booger off your face.”  I quickly rushed back to the mirror and sure enough right under my nose in the area that that joins your nose to the top of your lip was sitting a huge booger.  How in the world did I miss it?!  I had spent basically all morning looking in the mirror congratulating myself on how good I looked!  I quickly took care of the issue and kissed my lovely bride goodbye.

A few observations.

1) We spend a lot of times as Christians telling ourselves how good we look.  Listing out the great activities we participate in, and keeping a tally of all our good deeds.  I believe social networking makes this an even bigger issue then before.

2) No matter how good we think  we evaluate ourselves it always helps to have some accountability.  Because let’s face it, we can look in the mirror all day and still miss the boogers on our face.

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One Response to “I look gooood…right?”

  1. Kurt says:

    lol! Very nice.

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