What is your idol? 10 questions that might reveal the answer.

Earlier today I was listening to a sermon from Matt Chandler of the Village Church.  You can find that sermon in its entirety  here.  During that sermon Matt asked Ten Questions to determine what your idol in this life is.  I thought it was a good heart check so I am sharing it.  He readily admits that he stole these questions from Tim Keller’s book “Counterfeit Gods.”  I will probably check the book out.  Take a few minutes to reflect on these questions.

What consumes most of your thoughts and feelings?

What motivates the things that you do?

What are you most afraid of?

What brings the highest amount of frustration or anger into your life?

What is one thing that can change your mood in a second?

What would your friends say is your favorite topic of conversation?

What are some things that you feel you can’t live without?

What brings you solace?

What do you yearn for?

What is one thing that you wish God would do for you?


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