I kind of smell like a pig and so do you.

After yesterdays post I realized a few things.

  • A lot more people read this thing then I realized.  Let me apologize in advance for my lack of grammar skills.  Let me also thank those who have sent me some encouraging words.
  • To those of you who have decided to send me your negative opinions on how I need to “get over it” or “stop writing for attention.”  I hope you can one day find your own cathartic means for dealing with your anger that does not involve trolling blogs and leaving comments as a means of dealing what has or has not happened to you at some point in your life.
  • “BUT WHILE HE WAS STILL A LONG WAY OFF, his father-was filled with compassion and ran to his son” Luke 15:20.  I saw this verse as the status of Marty Anderson’s Facebook this morning and it resonated with me.  I’m starting to realize that there are a lot of people around me that are still a long way off.  They are just as weary, dusty, and smelling strongly of pig musk as my self.  We all deal with it differently.  We all want to have purpose.  Today I’m realizing that every so often I need to look up from the dirty and dusty path that I’m walking and realize that even though I may be a long way off from where I want to be, my dad is coming to rescue me.

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Hoping to finish well.
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One Response to I kind of smell like a pig and so do you.

  1. DaleAnna Curry says:

    Today, I was reading and I felt God encouraging me to say to you, “Jonathan, I calmed the storm. I will calm your storm, too. Trust me and know that you are loved.”

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