I am a burden.


That is the thought I woke up with this morning.  It stunned me.  I rolled over and buried my head in the pillow and the thought rolled to the front of my head.


The thought made me feel heavy, like cement had been poured into my core.  I figured maybe if I stayed still long enough it would fade away as quickly as it came.

…you…are…a…burden.  The idea was whispered into my ear as I stared into the back of my eyelids hoping that maybe they would reflect what was going on in my head.

Can you honestly think of anyone in your life that is not being burdened by you right now?

No.  I can’t.

You are a burden!

You’re right I am.

I know I am, but don’t forget, you are a burden that I gladly bore on the cross…now get out of bed.






About jondrms

Hoping to finish well.
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