Breaking Bad, Stout Beer, and My Top 10 Lessons In One Year.

To say that 2011 was a weird year for the Thayer household would be like saying that Tamagotchi was a little fad in the late 90’s.  FYI if you don’t know what Tamagotchi is you are too young to be reading my blog. Go listen to Niki Manij or what ever it is you young folks do these days.  I’m just kidding, you can stay, besides I kind of like Niki Manij she’s got some catchy beats.  But I digress.

When Christmas starts to roll around I usually do take some time to reflect on the year behind me and wonder about the year to come.  Doing this usually leads me to take away a few lessons.  A lot of them are pretty common sense and some of them are not even that serious but I thought I would share them none the less.  In no particular order I give you my top 10 lessons of 2011

1 I have no idea what I am doing as a parent.  Neither do you.  It’s ok statistically speaking our kids should turn out semi normal.

2 Everyone needs two or three really good friends. The definition of a really good friend is someone who will tell you to shut up when you’re being stupid, tell you to speak up when you’re being too quiet, and gives you a hug every once in a while even when you don’t like hugs (because secretly you do.)

3 The experiences in your life affect your loved ones, even if you don’t talk about them.

4 Reading one good book all the way though is much more beneficial than halfway reading ten good books.

5 Breaking Bad is an awesome show.  It should be required viewing for all men.  If nothing else it teaches you that bad decisions even with good intentions are still bad decisions.

6 Sometimes all you really need is a good stout beer (or a fine glass of wine for the ladies).

7 God can handle your doubts.  It’s whining that gets on his nerves.

8 Every man fails.  Stop worshiping them.

9 My wife is awesome.  Seriously, if you knew what she had to go through this year, and without so much as a peep of complaining or self-pity, you would probably nominate her for sainthood.

10 Hang out with sinners.  It will make you appreciate the saints.

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3 Responses to Breaking Bad, Stout Beer, and My Top 10 Lessons In One Year.

  1. Nicole Jones says:

    I love reading your blog Jonathan. Keep writing honestly!

  2. jondrms says:

    Thanks I appreciate it!

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