“What happens when I see a hole in my couch cushion at mid-night” Or, “Words have power.”

It’s midnight, and I’m sitting on my couch staring at a blank TV gearing myself up to go to bed; yes I have to gear myself up to sleep I know that’s weird.  As I sit here I have begun to notice everything around me that is starting to deteriorate.  The “new” computer that I am typing on is only a few days out of the box, but already has smudges on the screen, dirt on the keyboard, and a tiny scratch on the cover.  The couch cushion that I am sitting on is only two years old, but already has three holes in it (having a toddler accelerates the decomposition process I think).  We have been living in this house a little over three months, and already it shows the signs of a house that has seen a lot of living.  Toys bought at Christmas of this year already have dents, dings, and chips from use.  My own body, although not that old, is leaps and bounds different then it was just five years ago.  Everything ages, everything moves toward decomposition, no matter how well it’s made, or how strong it appears, if you give it enough time, it’s going to die.

I don’t mean that in some morbid, morose, or existential dribbling prose.  I was simply struck with the thought that nothing in this world moves toward regeneration, everything moves toward decomposition.

I am starting to realize that only two items will continue to exist long after this universe and everything in it takes its final step into eternity.  God, and words.

I really think they are one in the same.

John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.”

I don’t fully grasp that verse. It troubles me.  It keeps me up late at night babbling on and on into this electronic void.   I understand that God used words to bring everything into being.  I know that those words somehow have power, and keep everything in place.  I grasp with limited understanding that the same word took on human flesh and dwelt among us, and even humbled himself to the point of becoming dirt to be killed by dirt, but I don’t fully understand the power of this verse.

If I did I would not be so flippant with words.  I would speak slower, or maybe decide that I don’t need to speak at all.

Words have power.

Long after all the wars are done, the diseases are cured, the disorderly is made orderly;  long after decomposition gives way to composition, there will be words.

Your words and my words, judged beside the infallible word of the creator of language.

If you write it or speak it, you better believe that it will live on into eternity, long after we are gone.

All that to say this.  Be careful how you speak and what you speak.  The result of your words will last longer than you might realize.

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2 Responses to “What happens when I see a hole in my couch cushion at mid-night” Or, “Words have power.”

  1. Jay LaNun says:

    Some people at MACU have also come to the same conclusion about words and are participating in “30 days of praise”, where they will make a conscious effort to change their pattern of negativity on Facebook and in face-to-face conversations. It’s an attempt to praise God for what He has done instead of focusing on their own problems and issues.

    Thank you for filling up this “void” in the internet.

    Isaiah 55:11

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