Hypocrites can still tell the truth.

Arguments stink.  No matter how hard you try to cover up the stench it seeps through.  We dress it up by calling it a debate, or a lively discussion, or perhaps (Lord help us) we mask it in the disguise of “breaking open” the word of God.  It’s interesting to me that we only find two arguments between Christians in all of the New Testament.  You can read about one of them here.  It’s simple.  It was an argument, and that’s what Paul called it.  In fact, it was an argument with a brother in Christ which teaches me two things.

1) It’s OK to disagree and argue with a Christian about something you don’t agree with

2) We argue about the wrong things a lot.

I find it interesting that none of the arguments we find in scripture have anything to do with anything that’s going on outside of the church.  Everything that is addressed are issues that those who call themselves Christian’s are struggling with.  You know the little things, like sleeping with your fathers wife,  don’t know about that one check it out here.  Gross eh?  I can’t find any verse that essentially says, “And then (fill in your favorite apostle or if your really spiritual Jesus) said, to everyone who was standing around him.  “Stop acting like non Christians!”   You know why he never says that?  Because they are not Christians.  They don’t believe in the hope that we believe in, they don’t live their life with the realization the Christ’s work on the cross both redeems us and calls us to a standard of living that may seem foreign to those around us.  So maybe we should start repeating what those apostles we admire so much always said, “Follow Jesus.”  There is a big difference between follow Jesus, and stop acting like a non-Christian.

I bring this up, because as of late I have been greatly disheartened by the rhetoric I have seen thrown around haphazardly on such mediums as social networking.  So let me just do some reminding that I have to do for my self every once in awhile.

1) Christians- Your non Christian friends are not going to act like Christians.  Stop being surprised by that, and stop posting shot gun blast status updates, that although they may be true, do nothing more than stoke the coals of the fire that is the mind set that we are all ignorant, bigoted, narrow minded Bible thumpers.

2) Non Christians-  We are going to act like Christians.  That means that we are going to push for our right to freedom in this country just as much as you are.  Democracy is messy, obtaining it was messy, and keeping it will always be messy.  Please stop shotgun blasting all of us with statements about how much we hate people.  We don’t hate people (most of us anyway) we love people, and we love God.  Are there hypocrites in our camp?  Absolutely.  Are there hypocrites in your camp? Absolutely.  But here is an interesting truth, even hypocrites can tell the truth.  All truth is God’s truth, no matter who’s mouth it comes from.

So to my Christian friends I say, pause, take a deep breath, and follow Jesus.  Let him worry about convincing others that he is the one to follow.

To my non-Christian friends I say, pause, take a deep breath, stop calling us bigots, narrow minded, or hateful.  Most of us really aren’t (granted some of us are), but realize we believe that Jesus Christ want’s the best life possible for us and we just want you to have that as well.  Even if it seems a little but weird, and even if it comes out of the mouth of a hypocrite.

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2 Responses to Hypocrites can still tell the truth.

  1. nazfisher says:

    very well put Jon!

  2. dps04b says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. The attempt of most evangelical Christians to point out the spec of how others are getting away with things their God will one day judge them for (when they obviously don’t have the patience to wait for said judgement to happen, so they mandate judgment through various means and policies to happen now) it is almost as absurd as the forest growing out of their own eyes when it comes to the other things they themselves are getting away with (obesity, lust, lying, divorce, greed, judging the world, etc.) that apparently gets covered by their God’s grace, even if un-repented or nothing ever gets done to try and redeem them.

    To clarify,
    What did Jesus use to enter into the lives of people and change them? Was it power? No, actually arrived as a newborn, and except for a table or two (inside church no less), he never overturned anyone through force. Was it through politics? Not sure he would have voted, even if he had the opportunity. Was it through finances? I’m pretty sure after quitting carpentry, he was heavily supported by donated funds – mostly given to him by women. Was it through education or social standing? No diploma hung from his wall, … no wait, he didn’t have a wall to hang anything on in the first place.

    So why is it that through the centuries Christians have used power, politics, finances, education, social standing, etc… to force people to change their lives, or live under the same rules (or just one or two rules) we believe everyone must follow – Christian or not? Not all Christians have or are doing this, but it seems to me that those who use anything other than meeting the needs of people in the world, loving and caring for those who are hurting, and meeting those those who are reaching out for change by any other means that what Jesus displayed is actually anti-Gospel, or I’ll go ahead and say it… anti-Christ! I am just as guilty as anyone, when it comes to standing before the Father, but I hope to live my life in such a way that people notice the difference, rather than hate me because I seem to be a part of a cult who uses its power and influence to mandate laws and policies to people who have chosen other paths in life. My hope is that they will show Christians more grace than we have ever showed them when they come into power and use their influence for laws and policies against our way of life. Maybe that is why evangelicals are so scared? They know that the power they have used will one day come right back at them…

    If they will know we are Christ’s disciples by our love for one another, and the two greatest commandments are to love God and others as ourselves – then we have failed the world and God when we promote and produce anything that is not bathed in an overabundant knowledge of love for God and each other. The greatest act of worship ever displayed was when Christ offered himself up to the Father by saying “your will, not mine, be done.” There was no vote. There was no financial bargaining. There was no use of power, but rather a releasing of it. Even if we don’t like what is about to happen to us… Even if we know we are about to be killed in the process…Even if we know those closest to us will abandon us as a result of not defending ourselves, and being something different than what they had hoped for… We trust God and allow God the ability to work in our weakness (even selfless and humiliating death) the opportunity to bring about the world’s redemption.

    I will now step away from the digital pulpit.


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