Be Good Vs. I love you

My child is going through what you might call “the terrible twos.”  I have to admit, I used to think this stage of life was a myth.  I am quickly discovering that a lot of my assumptions about kids before I had kids follow the principle of an assumption.  I’ll leave it at that.

It’s fair to say that my child’s acting up is causing a good bit of tension in the Thayer household.  Every night and every morning I pray with Jude that he will be “a good boy” and “listen to the baby sitter and mommy and daddy.”  This is a good thing.  I think it is appropriate to raise a child to listen and behave but, I discovered something about myself when I dropped him off this morning.

I say be good, before I say I love you. 

Now this may seem like a little thing but, to me I think it’s pretty paramount.

This one action says a lot about who I am, and how I  view my heavenly father.

It’s easy to forget that with God the “I love you” came before the “Be Good.”

It should be the same with us.

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One Response to Be Good Vs. I love you

  1. Evelyn says:

    Great post! Something we should all think about as we raise our littles.

    Oh, and get ready for the torrential 3’s… so far 3 is FAR WORSE than 2 was.
    (and that was true for my daycare kids when I was an assistant director for a daycare)

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