Should We Blog?

I was shown a funny video this morning that I wanted to share and then make some comments about below.  I will warn you that there is some mild language in the clip.

I thought it interesting that a “secular” guy jumped on the concept that just because we can do something does not always mean we should do something.  I agree with him, this is a concept that is lost on my generation, and the generation coming up after me.

I was watching a TV commercial the other day that told me 100 things I could do with their new product, but they never stopped and once told me why I should purchase it.  It was assumed that I was going to purchase it simply because it did stuff really fast.

What does it matter that my generation gives little thought to the “should?”  I think there are a lot of implications but I want to narrow the focus down to the realm of blogging.  Yes, I do understand the irony of picking on a blog within a blog.

Blogging can be a great tool, both personally and socially, but I do believe that it falls into the category of things that we could do, but that does not necessarily mean we should do it.  When should we blog?  I think there are three questions we can ask ourselves.

1) Would I say this, like this, if I was looking each of my readers in the eye?

It’s pretty easy to be bold behind a laptop.  Sometimes I find myself wording things a little bolder or more brash than I normally would if I was going to speak publicly on the topic.   A good rule of thumb is, “If you would not say it out loud, don’t type it.”

2) Who would I not want reading this?

Ask yourself that question, and then assume that they are going to be reading it.  You will be surprised who runs across your blog, and make no mistake; once it goes on the internet it’s there forever.  I cringe when I read some of my really old early blogs and realize that future employers are going to be reading that garbage.  Case in point I just found out a few weeks ago that my mom reads my blog.  Love you mom.

3) So What?

    At the end of all my blog posts, before I hit publish,  I ask; so what?  If I can’t answer that question in less than a sentence, the post ends up in the garbage.  I would encourage you to do the same.  You will save yourself a lot of cringing five years down the road.

What suggestions do you have for bloggers?


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