Neglect Made Me Do It.

I really hate it when people start a blog, then don’t write in it for a really long time, and then start a post after a really long absence by apologizing for being gone for so long.

Does anyone really care that much about what we write?

Consider that my anti-apology for neglecting this thing for so long.

If I was honest with myself I could just add this to the list of items that I have neglected over the past couple of weeks.

Neglect is a disease.  It’s tricky to shake, and once it get’s a hold on you it opens you up to other more sinister issues.

I believe every major problem that man kind faces can be traced back to neglect.  

Neglect of responsibility

Neglect of ones family

Neglect of daily responsibility

Neglect of accountability


We have already established that everything moves toward destruction.  It happens all the quicker when we invite neglect into our lives.

So what have you been neglecting recently?  Are you prepared for the consequences that neglect is going to bring?

Sorry this post is so long in coming.  Neglect made me do it.

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Hoping to finish well.
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