2012.  What to say about 2012?  It has been my custom since I started spewing my opinions all over the interwebs to take the last day of a year and make a list of what I have learned over the year.  If you’re curious these were my lessons from last year.

I make these lists because it’s nice to come back a year later and read over it. I really don’t have much of a list for this year.  I learned a lot but most of it I would rather keep to myself.  2012 in a nutshell was a hard year for me and those closest to me. I don’t even remember half of it. It’s safe to say I’m ready for 2013.  There were some highlights though!  Most notably we added another Thayer.  He’s cute.

ColtonI did learn one thing that I would like to share though.

God is faithful.  I don’t mean that in some high church, fluffy, slap it on a Hallmark card and sell it kind of way.

He is faithful when you’re dirty, depressed, confused, and lonely.

He is faithful when I am not.

That’s only reason I made it to 2013.


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Hoping to finish well.
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One Response to 2012

  1. KBrothers says:

    Jonathan…your honesty encourages me!

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