I’m tired.  No, that’s not even an accurate way of putting it.  I am weary.  I’m weary for a lot of reasons.

I’m weary of the arguing, constantly back and forth on social media.

I’m weary of Satan getting a hold of men who could be great, making them less than great, convincing them that’s the way it’s always going to be, and then making them awful.

I’m weary of people speaking out of fear and ignorance instead of speaking out of the wisdom that comes from God’s word.

I’m so weary of big flashy pictures with bold lettering that sound good at first glance, but if you stopped and thought about them for more than a few seconds we would realize they are actually a load of crap.  The issues are deeper than meme knowledge.

I’m weary of being lumped in with a larger group of people who absolutely do not speak for God.

I’m weary of good Godly women being abused by what the Bible calls wolves in sheep clothing.

I’m weary of whining blogging kids that don’t have anything better to do than type their opinions about how the world stinks. 😉

It’s ok to be weary sometimes.  The apostle Paul was weary and very vocal about it from time to time.  2 Timothy 4:6 is pretty evident of this. It’s important to note though that our weariness should never turn to worry.  Paul knew this too, check out Philippians 2:17-18.

It’s ok to be weary for a while, but at some point joy needs to return, usually that only happens by the grace of God.

Are you weary?  Me too.  Take heart in the words of Revelation 22:20.

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One Response to Weary.

  1. Kathy Brothers says:

    well said, jonathan

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