There’s a Man in the Sky

“There’s a man in the sky,” they say.

His beard as long as the ocean deep.

He’s paving his roads with American gold

while is children convert all his enemies.


“There’s a man upstairs,” they say.

Clanging his chains like a Holy Ghost.

Whispering his secrets among the walls of your heart,

And for one small gift, and a weekly visit, his spirit will never depart.


“There’s a man in the book,” they say.

Look real close, he’s there.

Study every sentence, parse every verb,

And when you’ve found him, tell everyone you’re sorry,

But they’ve simply misunderstood.


“Let him into your heart,” they say.

He’ll show you the way!

Unless you’re brown, a democrat, or gay.


I’ve been to the sky, no man to be found.

I visit the attic, nothing but disease.

I’ve declined all the nouns, trying to avoid my fate.

And my heart? I invited him in! He even brought wine!

But still my affections they waiver.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

I’m becoming deaf to the calls of the savior.



About jondrms

Hoping to finish well.
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