Advice From the Well

I fell into a well…again.

I’m cold and, wet, and the concrete in my blood is starting to set.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been here, but people have begun to gather.

“He’s just doing it for attention. It’s the fourth time this month that he’s fallen into a well.”

“Have you tried not walking so close to wells?”

“Maybe if you tried really hard to not fall in you wouldn’t.”

“Didn’t you read the book I gave you on how to avoid wells? I’ll drop it down to you so you can give it a look.”

“I know exactly how you feel! Once, I was stuck in a well for a whole night!”

“Have you tried climbing out? Maybe you can just climb out.”

“You are going to be such an inspiration to anyone who ever falls into a well.” While you’re down there, you should write about your experiences.”

“You should go see a well expert. They will be able to help get you out.”

“Don’t worry, soon you’ll get used to living in the well. I know lot’s of people that spend most of their lives in wells, and they live very productive lives.”

“Have you tried yelling for the guy that built the well to come pull you out? I’ll tell you what; I’ll start yelling for you.”


About jondrms

Hoping to finish well.
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